Secure procedures

As well as secure storage facilities protected against fire, flood and theft, our stringent procedural protocols and technology ensure that every document is logged and tracked every step of the way from your hands into our warehouse. It’s why so many leading companies have placed their documents and trust in Morgan Document Security.

Each item is given a bar-code sticker. Hand-held scanners are used to log every item at collection, when it is placed in the transport van, when it is taken out of the van, when it enters the warehouse and when it comes to its final destination on a bar-coded position in the storage facility. At any point, its location can be tracked and the same process applies if you wish to retrieve any item.

We are accredited with both ISO 9001 (quality standard) and also ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Standard).

Secure Document Archive Icon

Secure Archiving

If you simply want to store away documents and clear the clutter out of your office space, Morgan Document Security can take the hassle out of the job by cataloguing each box and providing you with clear records of precisely what is held. Each box is given a barcode and reference so that any item can be retrieved or tracked with ease should you need access to it.

No job is too big or too small – we can manage individual legal documents or box-loads of important files in our secure warehousing facility. We will regularly update you on what is being held so you can decide after a period of time if you still want to store it or wish to securely shred it.

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Secure Shredding

After a period in storage, some paperwork may no longer be required and in order to protect confidential financial, legal or personal information, Morgan Document Security recommends secure shredding of these materials. Through our regular review and reporting of material stored in our premises, we can monitor and advise clients on the suitability of shredding.

We provide a full audit trail, client sign-off and a confirmation certificate of destruction when shredding is completed.

Secure Scheduled Shreds

Our regular shredding service is ideal for day-to-day protection of all your sensitive documents, using secure locked shredding consoles which we supply. Our service includes:

  • Regular scheduled collections by uniformed, security-screened staff
  • Shredding at our local secure facility
  • Secure chain-of-custody
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Recycling by approved partners
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Go paperless

In today’s increasingly digital world, with high-speed file servers, cloud storage and huge data capacity, many companies now have no need to keep hard copies of their files. 

They’re going paperless.

When you’re paperless, client, customer or patient records and files can be stored online and drawn down whenever and wherever they are required.

But what if your business needs to make the transition from paper records to paperless? This can look like a daunting task.  Why not let Morgan Document Security make it easy for you?

We can scan and record any number of paper sources to reduce your clutter, free up office space and a provide you with a safe, reliable record of everything held.

Your traditional files are scanned and stored as digital files on discs, which can be held in our temperature- and humidity-controlled secure vaults. Alternatively your files can be stored and hosted by us allowing you secure on-line access any time 24/7.

There is also the option of one-off scanning projects which allows specific areas of the business to be digitised. At Morgan’s we are renowned for our ability to provide tailored and unique document digitisation services to meet our clients’ individual needs.

As members of PRISM (Professional Records and Information Services Management), we are keeping up to date with all technology developments in this area.

We’re here to advise on how it can fit into your overall document management requirements.

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Secure Digital Storage

If your organisation has already cleared the paperwork clutter and operates from a computer server for shared information, you will know how vital it is to regularly back up your server or hard drive to protect against computer virus, power surge, technical failure and unforeseen crises such as fire or flooding, which could undermine your entire system, and business.

Some organisations carry out their back up and then leave the back-up disc or drive in the same office, or even let a member of staff take it home over the weekend. We have seen recently how important, highly secure and confidential information has gone astray in this way.

Why take this risk when Morgan Document Security can look after your back-up discs and hard drives in our secure fire-proof vault?

The vault, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, offers:

  • Ultimate protection against fire and flood damage.
  • Access by swipe card only
  • A fire suppression system, meaning that any smoke detected will result in oxygen being drawn out of the vault to completely prevent fire.

We will regularly collect and store your discs and with our hand-held scanning and bar-code technology, you can trace it every step of the way from your hands to our storage and back again, secure in the knowledge that your business is in safe hands.

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Quality Crate Hire

Reorganising your office, moving premises or simply looking to store office contents in safe returnable transit packaging? Whether you are packing IT equipment, files, books or general documents, at Morgan Document Security we offer quality crate hire shaped to fit your needs.

Our box clever service doesn’t stop there. We also offer a complete transport crate delivery service bringing the crates you hire direct to your office.

What’s more our crates are made from high quality materials and every crate comes spotlessly clean and fit for purpose.