Declutter securely

Using valuable high-rental space in the city centre which you could use for another revenue stream? Could you grow your business with more space or rent to someone else?

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Dispose of old files securely

Time to get rid of documents no longer of use? Morgan can store what you want to keep and shred the rest, providing you with a certificate of destruction for complete confidence and security.

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Back up securely

It is vital to regularly back up your server or hard drive to protect against computer virus, power surge, technical failure and unforeseen crises such as fire or flooding which could undermine your entire system, and business.

Protect your back ups

Access files securely

Are your staff on the road, job-sharing or hot-desking so that they share a smaller communal workspace? Morgan can take away the clutter and store it safely and we can scan vital documents which can then be accessed online at any time. A quick phone call is all it takes to call any document or number of documents back to the office.

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Feel secure in our hands

Is your business running out of space to store documents?  Morgan Document Security can offer a secure, reliable and hassle free solution to all of your document management needs.

We’re already trusted by many of Northern Ireland’s best known businesses and public services to store, archive and retrieve documentation, records, legal papers, files and digital information, and we’d like to offer the same peace of mind to you.

Whether you need long term storage or more active management of working files, we can meet your storage needs, with strict security protocols to ensure your complete confidence.

Many of our clients treat our records centre as an extension of their own offices, storing and recalling customer or patient records on a daily basis – a service which demands the strictest security, accuracy and complete traceability all the way from us, to the client and back into storage.

Using the latest hand-held scanning and bar-coding technology, we track and monitor your documentation from the moment it leaves your premises and we use this to precisely identify its position in our secure warehouse.

When storage is no longer required, we can also provide secure shredding of confidential papers and documents.

So, for your company’s peace of mind, let Morgan Document Security look after your storage needs – and enjoy more space to get on with what you do best.

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Secure Archiving

Store away documents and clear the clutter out of your office space

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Secure Shredding

Dispose of old documents securely to protect confidential financial, legal or personal information

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Go paperless

Remove the clutter by scanning and storing digital material

Secure Digital Storage

Store your back-up discs and hard drives in our secure fire-proof vault

Quality Crate Hire

Rent or hire crates, plastic boxes and containers to pack your office contents properly